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Early map of Putnam County, Missouri with Unionville, Worthington, Livonia, Lucerne, Powersville, Lemons, Hartford, Glendale, Mendota, MidwayPutnam County, Missouri History and Genealogy

283 pages of Putnam County, Missouri history and genealogy including 139 family biographies plus 7 different maps featuring 33 Putnam County, Missouri communities

An informative and historical overview of Putnam County, Missouri including two separate sections on one CD which include 9 historical maps (1851, 1862, 1899, 1902, 1904, 1911, 1913, 1920's and 1929) showing the locations of 33 settlements; plus the full 1888 Goodspeed's History of Putnam County, Missouri book including 139 biographies. An important resource for the study and research of Putnam County, Missouri history (including Civil War history) and genealogy.

Fully searchable - find any name or location instantly!

This fascinating and detailed CD contains ALL of the following material in two separate books, ALL on one CD:

Section One of two, all on one CD: Maps of Putnam County, Missouri
Included here are the North Central region of Missouri sections of 9 different historical maps:

A. A rare 1851 map that shows the area of Putnam County, Missouri just five years after Putnam County was formed from the former Dodge County, Missouri.

B. A map of 1862 (during the Civil War) Putnam County, Missouri showing the the locations of four settlements: Ayresville * Newtown * Putnamville * Unionville *

C. A map of 1899 Putnam County, Missouri showing the locations of 25 different settlements including all of the following: Blackbird * Chariton * Delpha * Elko * Esper * Gehm * Glendale * Graysville * Hartford * Howland * Livonia * Lowground * Lucerne * Mapleton * Martinstown * Mendota * Omaha * Powersville * Quinn * St. John * Sidney * Unionville * West Liberty * Xenia (or Lemons Station) * Yuma *

D. A map of 1902 Putnam County, Missouri showing the locations of 21 different settlements including all of the following: Blackbird * Delpha * Elko * Esper * Glenwood Junction * Hartford * Howland * Lemonville (Lemons Station) * Livonia * Lucerne * Mapleton * Martinstown * Mendota * Omaha * Powersville * Quinn * St. John * Sidney * Unionville * West Liberty * Yuma *

E. A map of 1904 Putnam County, Missouri showing the locations of 26 different settlements including all of the following: Blackbird * Chariton * Delpha * Elko * Esper * Glendale * Graysville * Hartford * Howland * Lemonville * Livonia * Lowground * Lucerne * Mapleton * Martinstown * Mendota * Omaha * Powersville * Quinn * Rosewood * Saint John (St. John) * Sidney * Unionville * West Liberty * Worthington * Yuma * The 1904 map of Putnam County can be viewed here: Putnam County, Missouri 1904 Map

F. A map of 1911 Putnam County, Missouri showing the locations of 27 different settlements including all of the following: Blackbird * Chapel * Chariton * Delpha * Elko * Esper * Glendale * Graysville * Hartford * Howland * Lemons (Lemonville) * Livonia * Lowground * Lucerne * Mapleton * Martinstown * Mendota * Omaha * Powersville * Quinn * Rosewood * St. John * Sidney * Unionville * West Liberty * Worthington * Yuma *

G. A map of 1913 Putnam County, Missouri showing the locations of the following: Putnam County Seat at Unionville; and the location of the townships. Early roadways are also shown.

H. A map from the 1920's which includes details of where various tourist sites and service stations were located.

I. A 1929 map from the Missouri Department of Transportation. You will be amazed at how many of the major routes were only dirt or gravel!

Section Two of two, all on one CD: The complete 1888 History of Putnam County, Missouri by Goodspeed's
This detailed (283 pages in all) 1888 history has an incredible amount of historical and genealogical information about Putnam County, Missouri from its earliest settlement up to 1888. This is an exact photo replica of all the pages pertaining to Putnam County, Missouri including all of the historical and biographical information. Included are a total of 139 different Putnam County, Missouri family biographies.

    Here is just some of the information included:

  • Boundaries of Putnam County
  • Rivers and Streams
  • Early Settlers and Settlements in Putnam County
  • Settlers Near St. John

  • Pioneers on Medicine Creek

  • Pioneers Near Putnamville

  • The Mullenix Settlement

  • Pioneer Life

  • Early Putnam County Land Entries
  • Life on the Frontier
  • Wildlife in Pioneer Days
  • Old Putnam County Settlers Reunions
  • Putnam County Organized
  • Putnam County Township Boundaries
  • Putnam County Officials
  • Courts of Putnam County
  • Putnam County Seat Established
  • First Putnam County Court House
  • Noted Criminal Cases
  • The Civil War and Putnam County, Missouri
  • Hostilities Begun

  • The Home Guards

  • The Eighteenth Regiment

  • The Forty-second Regiment

  • The Seventh Missouri Calvary

  • Guerrillas

  • The Forty-fifth Regiment Enrolled Missouri Militia

  • The Number of Enlisted Men

  • The Adkins Case

  • The Union Monument

  • Putnam County Population
  • The Temperance Cause
  • Railroads and Proposed Railroads in Putnam County
  • Alexandria & Nebraska City Railroad

  • Mississippi & Missouri River Air Line Railroad

  • Chicago & Southwestern Railroad

  • Burlington & Southwestern Railroad

  • St. Joseph & Iowa Railroad

  • Missouri, Iowa & Nebraska Railway

  • The Putnam County Poor Farm
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • History of Dodge County, Missouri
  • Putnam County Towns, Villages, Post-Offices:
  • Anderson * Ayersville * Central City * Chariton * Clarksburg * Elko (Garfield Springs) * Hartford * Howland * Lemen (Lemonís Station) * Lucerne * Martinstown * Millersburg * Omaha * Powersville * St. John * Terre Haute * Unionville (Harmony) * West Liberty * Williamsburg * Wyreka *

  • Putnam County Biographical Sketches (100 pages in this section)
  • Included is a total of 139 Putnam County, Missouri family biographies (valuable for genealogy) including each of the following surnames: (well over 1000 other surnames are also mentioned throughout the book text and within these biographies): To view a sample family biography, click here Baughman * Beary * Berry * Bonebright * Bonfoey * Brasfield * Brawford * Bruce * Bucher * Burlingame * Burnham * Burns * Burrill * Carroll * Casady * Clapper * Clark * Clifton * Coker * Comstock * Cossel * Crist * Cullor * Daly * Davis * Dean * Dickson * Dunn * Elson * Fahren * Forbes * Franklin * Fullen * Geisinger * Golliher * Greene * Guffey * Haigler * Halley * Hamlin * Harper * Hart * Hatfield * Hill * Holman * Houston * Howry * Hudson * Husted * Hyde * James * Johnson * Jones * Jordan * Kelley * Kerby * Ketcham * Knight * Korns * Lane * Little * Longhead * Lowe * Lowry * Mannon * Martin * Martz * Matheson * Maxwell * McCoy * McKinley * Mills * Minear * Monroe * Moss * Munn * Myers * Neff * Parsons * Patrick * Petty * Pickinpaugh * Pittman * Pollock * Probasco * Putnam * Roth * Ryals * Schuster * Scott * Shelton * Sickles * Smith * Staggs * Statton * Stille * Strauser * Summers * Thomas * Thompson * Titus * Todd * Triplett * Turner * Vandevort * Walton * Warren * Wells * Wentworth * West * Widner * Williams * Wood * Woodard * Woodruff * Worthington * Wyckoff * Young *

    Putnam County is located in north central Missouri and bordered by: Mercer County, Missouri * Adair County, Missouri * Sullivan County, Missouri * Schuyler County, Missouri * Appanoose County, Iowa * and Wayne County, Iowa * (click on highlighted county names for a complete description)

    Each of the two sections on this CD is in Adobe Acrobat pdf format and requires the free Acrobat Reader program to view. You probably already have this program on your computer but if not, a free copy of the program is included on the CD. Each of the books is designed to look just like a regular book and is bookmarked to move easily and quickly from one section another.  This CD was designed by, and is available exclusively from Hearthstone Legacy Publications.

    Fully searchable - find any name or location instantly!

    The cost for this CD containing both sections described above is only $9.95 plus shipping, or only $5.95 as a digital download. A large amount of history and genealogy information for very little cost! A truly fascinating view of Putnam County, Missouri from its first settlement up to 1888.

    Shipping is only $1.95 for First Class Mail in the United States and Canada.  If outside of the United States, please contact us for shipping costs. We accept checks, money orders and all major credit cards via the shopping cart, mail, or by phone at 816-204-7593.

    Speedy Delivery!

    We will ship your order within 24 hours of receiving your payment (on first business day if received on weekend or holiday.) We will securely package and ship your order by First Class Mail and you will likely receive in just 2-3 days after ordering! [Shipping can be delayed at times due to weather, holidays, or travel schedules. View our current shipping schedule here: Current Shipping Schedule] We also offer this CD as a high speed internet download for only $5.95.  Details here: High Speed Downloads 

    FREE sample family biography

    To view a sample family biography, click here

    How to order:

    Both of the sections described above are included on one CD for $9.95 plus shipping.  If you wish to pay by credit card, please use the shopping cart below (checkout goes to a secure server.) Credit card orders may also be placed by phone to Hearthstone Legacy Publications from 9 AM to 11 PM (Central Time Zone) Monday thru Saturday at 816-204-7593. If you wish to pay by check or money order, mail $11.90 ($9.95 for CD plus $1.95 shipping) to:

    Hearthstone Legacy Publications

    PO Box 466

    Branson, MO 65615

    Since we offer many different county history and genealogy CDs, please be sure to specify that you wish to order the Putnam County, Missouri History, Genealogy and Maps CD.  If ordering more than one CD, the shipping cost is $1.95 for the first CD plus only 25 cents shipping for each additional CD purchased.

    For even more value, consider our Northeast Missouri Multi-County DVD which includes all of the contents of this CD (click for details)


    This CD is also available as a high speed internet download.  SAVE $$: The download is only $5.95 ($4.00 less than the CD plus no shipping charges!)   Please read important details here before ordering as a download: High Speed Download .  Use the ADD TO CART button BELOW to order as a download:

    To view a complete list of Missouri County History and Genealogy CDs available, click here: Missouri Counties

    Wholesale rates are available. For details, click here: Wholesale Rates


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