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Newton County, Missouri Family Biographies

The following biographies are included in the 1888 History of Newton County, Missouri published by Goodspeed Pub. Co., 1888, Chicago

These biographies often include a wide range of information useful in genealogy research.  The names listed here are only those of the primary biography subject.  Each biography will often include many additional names which may include the names of parents, spouses, children, siblings, and others.

All of these biographies plus many additional names and much additional information is included on our Newton County, Missouri History and Genealogy CD (click for details)

To view each of these biographies, click here: Newton County, Missouri Biographies



Benjamin Ainsworth * W. P. Albert * James F. Alburty * Isom N. Amos * James Bradley Andrews * Abram S. Archer * Bailey P. Armstrong * Rufus E. Armstrong * Thomas H. B. Armstrong *


Cyrus F. Barnes * Francis Marion Bass * Coleman Basye * A. J. Baurdick * James V. Beck * James Jefferson Bell * Lee D. Bell * A. W. Benton * M. E. Benton * Joseph M. Berry * William B. Blankinship * J. A. Bodenhamer * William Borden * George W. Bowen * Ezekiel Boyden * Samuel Boyer * Alfred A. Brown * Felix Marion Brown * George Isbell Brown * Robert Alexander Brown * S. E. Brown * William E. Brown * James W. Brunk * Joseph L. Buffington * David Sedrick Burk * Frederick Bushner * Jasper Buzzard * John Buzzard *


Andrew C. Caples * Amos Carlin * Isaac H. Carmichael * George W. Carpenter * John M. Carr * Amos Morrill Carter * John Casey * Edwin A. Chapman * Charles T. Clark * Ed. Clark * John Oliver Clark * M. W. Clay * Alexander C. Cloud * James M. Colwell * John T. Connor * Mary A. Corner * Maryland Craig * George W. Culp * John R. McCullough Culp * Hiram J. Cummins * John B. Cummins * Henry J. Curtice * W. H. Curtice *


Joseph H. Davidson * C. E. Davis * John B. Davis * Constantine Dean * William B. DeBolt * Andrew Devine * William T. Dougherty * Robert H. Douthitt * Flemmon R. Dummit * Isaac Duncan * Benjamin Ashburn Duvall *


Ishmael Earley * James Elliott * Hiram Wilson Estes * Reuben T. Everhard * Anderson S. Ewing *


Scott Ferris * Thaddeus S. Fertig * Henry Gilman Fetters * Julius Fishel * Joel Hawkins Fowler * George Frank * Thomas R. Freeman * William Boone Frost *


Charles E. Garitt * George Gascoigne * Isaac Gearhart * Conrad Gerbing * Alfred P. Gibson * Richard Gilstrop * Zachariah Jarrett Gold * George Graves * J. I. Green * William H. T. Green * John Grimes * Nicholas Gruber *


Ben Haas * Mary Haggard * Thomas Hainsworth * Harwood Hall * A. C. Hampton * James C. Harmon * Perry B. Harns * George W. Harrison * John T. Hart * Eli Hawk * William P. Hazard * Thomas Benton Henderson * Ruel I. Henderson * John Henry * John C. Herms * Oric M. Hewlett * Thomas McDuffa Higgs * Henry Hill * James E. Hinton * James Franklin Holmes * James F. Hubbard * Jerry Hubbard * George Hubbert * Charles Huber * George Hudson * James Huffman * James H. Hughes * Gladden Gorin Hughlett * Gabriel Hutchison *


F. L. Jackson * Thomas M. Jackman * Herman Jaeger * John A. Jennison * Andrew J. Johnson * Hubbard F. Jones * I. B. Jones * George W. Judd *


Luke Kelly * James H. Kiddoo * Richard Kiddoo * Robert Kiddoo * John Kingston * Benjamin Kirk * D. H. Kirk * Joe Koenig * Nicholas Krill *


Henry M. Lamb * Justin W. Lamson * John E. Lankford * John Perry Lankford * James William Lansford * George W. Laurance * D. F. Lee * Thomas C. LeGrand * John W. Liles * William Jasper Liles * J. S. Lindley * Frederick Long *


Pryor Lee McBee * William McDivitt * James R. McElhany * John T. McElhany * Henry C. McElhany * Jim McGannon * Charles Wesley McKinley * Jesse Sparks Majors * John Maness * Delevin Markey * Claiborne J. Marrs * Hezekiah M. Martin * William Martin * William T. Matters * A. M. Merrell * John H. Miller * R. Mize * James F. Moffett * Barton J. Morrow * Martin Moster * John B. Murray *


Michael Rice Nevins * A. J. Norris * Jonathan Norris * Isaac North * John W. North * Jacob Nutto *


William Perry O’Neal *


William W. Pacey * William B. Parker * Thomas Peckham * Nathan Jackson Phillips * David C. Pierce * William Poland * William A. Pool * Henry L. Porter * John D. Powell * John Ephraim Prater * William I. Price * John H. Price, Jr. * George W. Prigmore * B. Pritchard * John M. Propst * Henry Pross * J. M. Purdy * John Ezekiel Putman *


William Rambo * Job Ratliff * John Reinmiller * William D. Reynolds * Mathew H. Ritchey * James M. Ritchey * Clark E. Ritter * Marquis T. Robb * Milton L. Robb * John A. Robertson * Harrison Robinson * Isaiah Robinson * James Robinson * J. H. Robinson * William W. Rodman * John A. Rogers * Herman J. Rohn * Rylen B. Rudy *


Joseph Schiffbauer * Archibald M. Sevier * John F. Shannon * Lorenzo Dow Shearer * S. H. Shedlebarr * Daniel Sherer * William H. Sherman * John M. Sherwood * John Sims * Ezra D. Smith * John R. Smith * Hiram A. Smith * P. R. Smith * Ralph Calloway Smith * Thomas A. Snyder * Curtis Sparlin * John R. Stamps * George W. Stansbury * Samuel Stansbury * Jacob Stewart * William David Stockstill * James Addison Stockton *


William Pettegrew Tanner * John Thurman * Marcus L. Tribble * Daniel Worth Turner *


Charles Van Riper *


Orlando V. Wager * Elisha J. Walker * J. C. Walker * Willis Warner * John M. Watson * David Patten Weems * G. A. Weems * George McKendree Weems * John Weems * Jones Weems * Martin Alexander Weems * Washinton West * William H. Wheeler * John W. Whitlock * Benjamin H. Williams * Josiah C. Williams * Lewis Marshall Williams * Robert L. Wills * W. G. Wills * George See Wilson *


Paul C. Yates * John W. Yeoman * L. A. Young *


Joseph Zahr * Alexander Zane *

All of these biographies plus many additional names and much additional information is included on our Newton County, Missouri History and Genealogy CD (click for details)


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